Welcome to a better sleep with Maxsonic

 Here at Maxsonic we take sleep seriously.

  Your body works hard everyday to perform certain tasks and its paramount that you, our valued customers are getting a well-rested and well deserved sleep. 

According to a report done by the National Institute of Medicine on sleep, 50-70 million American's are regularly deprived of adequate sleep or suffer from sleeping disorders. Using this model, we realized that these findings can also be reflected upon Trinidad And Tobago's population of roughly 1.4 million people. This sort of information is startling to say the least and while it may be good and acceptable for the individuals who don't value their health and wealth, here at Maxsonic we are duty bound to provide the best possible sleeping accommodation for you, our most valued customers. 

  Providing a sleep worth of royalty for the fraction of the price is our vision and mission with our line of mattresses ranging from our Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond series. Each mattress is hand made and lined with 800 to 1600 pocket springs in the Queen and King versions respectively.

 What are Pocket springs you may ask?

 Pocket springs are small-compressed coils that move independently to each other to conform and match your bodies proportions with accuracy, providing comfort and a deeper sleep in return. Any sleeping position can be supported by a pocket sprung mattress with allows for precision weight distribution and adequate muscle and joint relief. These coils were designed to keep pressure in the affected coils, preventing other parts of the mattress from sinking as you shift from one corner to the next.

  Beware of a bad mattress!

 In contrast, your regular mattress which are comprised of larger, harder and more discomforting springs apply pressure to all parts of your body, making it more difficult to find a relaxing and natural sleeping position which is unique to you and your needs. The one-spring concept mattresses tend to sink easily as your body weights shifts constantly and in the end, its common place for these types of mattresses to sink permanently all together after a minimum of 3~6 months of constant use.

  If your mattress doesn’t provide you with the right support for your body by reinforcing poor sleeping posture, then it is the wrong mattress for you. If a mattress doesn’t meet your personal preferences then your comfort is compromised, resulting in interrupted sleep that can leave you feeling tired and sore in the morning.

 Memory foam

In addition to the added benefits of the pocket springs mentioned above, Memory foam further supplements these advantages by transforming its natural shape to fit your body, providing a more tailored sleeping experience. With this combination of pocket springs and memory foam it's a perfect fit for individuals suffering from chronic back pain. 

While we may not be doctors or scientists with degrees and certificates in sleepology, we listen to our customers and are constantly on the look out for the best money could provide with out breaking the bank.