Small aplliances


Outfit your kitchen with essentials from our line up of small appliances which you can find in our Catalog. With a wide variety of products to chose from you can rest assured that all of your needs can and will be met.  from hand benders perfect for mixing Callaloo or Dhall without the added effort all the way up to our new and improved 10L Maxsonic air Fryer, perfect for those seeking to to not only eat healthier, but save money as we pride ourselves on quality without breaking the bank. We provide you with a one stop shopping experience for almost anything you could possible need to prepare your daily home-cooked, 5 star meals at home.


  Remember the Air fryer we mentioned? it's one of the most sought after appliance in our arsenal. It works by circulating hot air around the food being cooked inside its large capacity oven, in-turn frying the item in question with its own natural fat. You no longer need to deep fry food in oil anymore and don't worry, you won't be sacrificing taste for this win win trade off. You can expect the same crunch chicken, flakey fish or freshly baked pastry's with the same taste, IF NOT BETTER while using on average 30% less oil.  

   Get a free recipe booklet with your Air fryer today to help you on your quest to healthier, tastier eating. Your guilty pleasures can now turn into one of contentment with Maxsonic.

   But wait, like the gift that keeps on giving we're not done just yet. Have a look at our 12L 3 tier Digital steamer, perfect for those health conscious folks out their. With a large capacity you can get alot more done in less time, Steam an assortment of vegetables on one level, mix in rice, noodles or any other  item of your choice and top it all off with a succulent fish fillet all done for you with the switch of a button. This device doesn't only make meal prep hassle free, steaming food comes with a wide range of benefits as opposed to other means, it allows for those nutrient rich foods such as your broccoli and your cauliflower to keep their properties, giving you the most out of your meal. 

The list could go on and on with ice-cream makers to toasters back to kettles, the possibilities are endless with Maxsonic